Delta Dream 3.5g (Belushi Farms) (Indica/Hybrid) (17.6%)


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(Belushi Farms)
Delta Dream is sure to melt all of you cares away into the soft, downy, pillow like clouds that hug the Mississippi Delta in the evenings. When the day closes down, then the hours seem to drift, not tick away, is the perfect time to partake of Belushi Farm’s “Delta Dream”, grown exclusively at Southern Sky Brands. This strain is a cross of Dosi (an indica-dominate strain) and Chronic. “Dosi” is glittering with trichomes, brilliant pistils and bright lime green and lavender leaves so it’s a feast of eye candy! Pungent, earthy and sweet with a slight floral funkiness. This has medical-grade body effects. For most people it leads one on a journey of sedative, relaxing, soothing tingling in the face and head that slowly settles down into the body. Chronic’s effect are more to relieve stress and depression in most users. Flavor profile of sweet honey, floral and a note of spice at the end. Combine these for the ultimate end of day smoke and slide into the slow Mississippi Delta.


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